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Buffalo International Fair Association Grounds

   Located in New York’s Buffalo, International Fair Association Grounds was one of the most favored destinations for baseball enthusiasts during the “dead-ball era.” It took the baseball world by storm and hosted games for a few seasons between 1914 and 1915. But the baseball park’s most famous tryst with history came through its association […]

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Ebbets Field

Los Angeles Memorial ColiseumOnce a major league baseball stadium, Ebbets Field was in Brooklyn, New York. It was named after Charles H. Ebbets, the Dodgers’ co-owner and a sports administrator. The baseball stadium was the proud home to the Brooklyn Dodgers team from 1913 to 1957, when the team moved to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. […]

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Forbes Field

Forbes Field was the third baseball stadium built for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Opened in 1909, the ballpark also hosted the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers. The baseball stadium got its name after John Forbes, a Scottish general, who led the British expansion in Pennsylvania. Unlike wooden ballparks of that era, Forbes Field was the first […]

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Old Yankee Stadium – 1923


 Home to the New York Yankees from 1923 to 2008, the original Yankee Stadium remained the city’s most famous sports symbol until its demolition. Often eulogized as the “the Cathedral of Baseball,” the stadium stood as a testimony to the Yankees’ scripting MLB records and becoming the most successful professional sports team. Yankees moved to […]

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Polo Grounds I & II

Polo Grounds located in Manhattan are the cradle of professional baseball in New York City. These refer to a series of three ballparks – Polo Ground I, Polo Ground II, and Polo Ground III – built between 1876 and 1890. Once located at the Harlem River and also the Coogan’s Bluff, Polo Grounds witnessed the […]

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Polo Grounds III

Polo Grounds/ Source: NYT

Polo Ground III or Brotherhood Park was the last three “bathtub-style” ballparks built in Manhattan, New York City. It was the very baseball stadium that made the name Polo Grounds engraved in the annals of baseball history. Located near Coogan’s Bluff near the Harlem River, Polo Grounds were home to New York Giants baseball team, […]

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